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2024 Team NOBA Sponsors

February 9th, 2024

With the Ontario Winter Games beginning in one week, the Northern Ontario Badminton Association would like to recognize all of the team sponsors that helped support our district in getting to Thunder Bay for this event. Please take a moment to read through our sponsors, and check them out as they have done so much to help us out. A heartfelt Thank You is offered to every one of our sponsors!

-Jeff & Tanis' No Frills                          -Victor                              -The Engraving Shoppe

-KTP Racquet Club                               -Badminton Ontario        -Boyer Group Electronics

-Life Long Planning Group                  -ESCO                                -Chris & Gabriel Chartrand

-Evans Electric                                      -King Sportswear            -Paterson Group

-Edmund Liu & Family                          -Manroc                            -Brad Norman

-Northern Ontario Appraisals              -Barrick

2024 Ontario Winter Games Team Selected

November 28th, 2023

Team NOBA has been selected for the 2024 Ontario Winter Games being held in our district in Thunder Bay! Thank you to all for applying, and best of luck to the team competing February 16-19! Let's try to earn our 2nd medal in a row following up last year's epic performanec earning Team NOBA the bronze medal (first medal in 30 years), the Team Spirit Award, and the Coach of the Games Award! Go NOBA!

Girls (in no particular order)

Victoria Charbonneau

Emily Proulx

Rory Corbeil

Lillian Li

Gabrielle Dufresne-Nappert

Emilie-Ann Ingram (alternate)

Boys (in no particular order)

Colin Evans

Adeoba Alabi

Ganashyam Pradeepan

Kayo Lake

Wade Belanger

Fergus Kerr (alternate)

Manager: Shannon Evans

Coach: Kurt Tempelmans Plat


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